About "Hatmarim veRimonim"

Our Vision

At Hatmarim ve’Rimonim, quality is our top priority.
We insist that only the best fruits and vegetables are carefully selected.
Each morning, we travel throughout Israel to source the freshest produce and bring it back to our store.

Our History

Ever since we opened in 1989, we’ve learned to work with the country’s best farmers and suppliers to ensure the quality of our produce.
How do we maintain the freshness of our fruits and vegetables?
All of our fruits and vegetables are stored at optimal temperatures to maintain freshness.

Our Values

We pride ourselves in providing superior customer service to everyone.
Each customer receives the best treatment and the best produce.
Quality of service is at the core of our store.


All fruits and vegetables are kosher by Harabanut Yerushalaim
At Shmita, kosher by "Otsar Haaretz"

We have a delivery option right to your home in case needed.

We'll be more than happy to see you among our clients.